I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this question, but figured I'd ask, just in case anyone else has experienced the same thing, and it wasn't the pump had gone out.

So, did a cam swap last week, everything went as well as expected. The car has run well since, until now.

Driving home today, I'm 2 blocks from home and pull up to a stoplight. When the rpms dropped to idle, my oil pressure warning light came on. I tapped the gas pedal, and the light went out. I go another block, and same thing, revs get to idle and the pressure light comes on again. Again, as soon as the revs climb, the pressure light goes out. I pull into my driveway, the light comes on again, but doesn't go out, so I shut it down.
There's no knocking or funky noises at this point.
So, I check the oil level, which is spot on right at the full mark. I then proceed to remove the fuel pump fuse, remove the oil filter, and have the wife crank the motor over. No oil came out of the oil filter housing.

I'm reasonably certain that the oil pump just gave up, either that, or the pickup tube came off the pump, but having used locktite on the pickup tube bolt when I reinstalled it, I doubt it.

Anyone else had a oil pump failure, with characteristics like this? Any other ideas?

We've been driving the car for a full week with no issues, but today was the first day we've driven it on the freeway. Not sure if that plays into it or not, as we'd been off the freeway for a few minutes before the problem showed up.

According to the repair manual, the pressure relief valve is not serviceable, so the pump would need replacement if that's the case as well.

Just feeling like I got kicked in the nuts, having just done all this work to it only a week ago.

2005 Magnum RT, 102K miles, oil changed religiously w/ 5w20 synthetic.
Comp 260 cam
Factory 6.1 timing set, valvesprings, pushrods, and balancer
New water pump and thermostat
MDS deleted (solenoids replaced with plugs, all new non MDS lifters, MDS switched off with Trinity)
JBA shorty headers
K&N intake and filter
Tune by Johan