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Custommagnums Help Desk

Got ideas on how to improve the site or having problems on the site? We'd like to hear about them.
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Custom Magnum of the Month Current Month

View Nominations for this month's Custom Magnum of the Month
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General Talk

Introduce Yourself

Make your first post here and tell us a little bit about yourself
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Regional Forums

Discussion forum for your geographical whereabouts
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Meets and Greets

Discussion forum for local events and meet and greet get togethers.
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Testing Ground

Need to see if your signature ot avatar is working right. Make a post here. Posts do not count toward your total post count.
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Magnum Forum

General Magnum Discussion

General Magnum Talk
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Performance Talk

Talk about getting those extra ponies out of your V6 or Hemi
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The Ultimate How To:

The ultimate how to guide
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Specific questions and topics dealing with AWD.
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Suspension Forum

Lowering Kits, Wheels and Tires
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Exterior Styling

Grills, Body Kits and other accessories
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Interior Styling

Custom upholstery - Share your tricks
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Audio & Video

What you got bumping in that trunk?
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Track Stories

Tell your track stories here. Discussions that involve street racing are not permitted!
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Tech Articles HTML is allowed in this forum. If you need a place to host pics, email us and we will host them for you.

Submit Articles Here

Submit Articles here and they will be moved to the appropriate forum once reviewed
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The Q&A Forum

Do you have a question? Post it here and see what answers you get. After you read all the answers choose which one is the best.
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Engine/Performance Mods

Tech Articles only!
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Styling Mods

Tech Articles only!
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Misc. Mods

Tech Articles only!
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Audio Modifications

Stereo and Video Modifications
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Vendors Check out our supporting Vendors. If you are interested in becoming a vendor send us an email to [email protected]

Vendor Deals

Forum for approved vendors to post sales and group buy threads.
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Need to customize or repair your Dodge Magnum? Check out our selection of parts and accessories at, or give us a call at 800.505.3274 for professional advice.
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Sell your stuff

Non commercial posts. If you are a business, please contact us for advertising
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Want to buy

Need something? Post it here and see if someone has what your looking for
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Free Stuff

If you have a part and wish to donate it to another member post it here. Items in this section must be free or free plus shipping.
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Want to Trade

If you have a part that your willing to trade for another part post it here.
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eBay/Craigslist listings

A place to share your eBay and Craigslist findings. ( is not affiliated with these listings, and bears no responsibility for the auction/listing outcome)
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