Finally, the Fall VMP event is here! Team BT has been preparing for the 2014 Modern Street Hemi Shootout Fall VMP Event for the past few months. We're really excited to debut the BT Wagon's Supercharger Build (thanks BFNY) and to see it perform at the track.

Billet Tech Team Drivers Nick Billet, and John Burleson will be racing this weekend. Both are leading their classes, so we'll see if they can hold on to their top spots.

To spread the excitement we feel when a race week is upon us, Billet Tech is offering 15% off your entire purchase. Now those who can't make the race, still win!

Enter coupon code FallVMP2014 to receive 15% off your order. Please see the article on our site for details: 2014 MSHS Fall VMP Sale.

This coupon code can be used unlimited times throughout the weekend, however, it cannot be combined with any club discounts or other offers. *

If you wish to order a custom during this sale please send an email to Alex at [email protected]. Alex will help you complete your order and apply the discount next week.

Good luck to all the drivers and teams this weekend. Be safe, go fast, and enjoy the incredible track prep at VMP.

See you in Virginia!