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    Stock intake and airbox from 2006 RT

    Hey all.

    So since I have my CAI installed for the past 6 years I think I can finally get rid of the stock intake. It's free to anyone that wants it. I'm in Toronto so pick up is totally workable but if you want it shipped I can do that to...just at your cost. If no one is interested it'll just go in the trash so I wanted to make sure I at least TRIED to find it a good home. It's in perfect condition and ready to put into service.
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    Does it include the box the air filter goes in?
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    Do you still have the airbox for free if so what city and state are you in
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    Just thought I'd point out the fact, this post is almost 2 years old....he most likely doesn't have it any longer Also, he said he's in Toronto....which is in Canada

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