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    Steering popping cracking noise

    Steering popping cracking noise

    Last time I drove my Maggie (which was before I wrapped her up for the winter) I noticed a popping/cracking sound when I turned or cranked the steering wheel either way. The sound is inside, sounds like something in the steering column. On my way home I had made a left turn and had to yank the steering to the right to straighten out, almost felt like I didn't have power steering. I do know the dealer has been telling me that I need to replace the power steering fluid (I'll do that myself thank you), but I don't think that has anything to do with what I hear in the column.

    I've been reading about the clock spring and multifunction switch in other posts. I've tested out all the switches and controls on the steering column and all work (radio, turn signal, high beams, couldn't test cruise control). I really don't want to pay the dealer $135 just to take a looksie if it's something I can do myself. Looking for someone who has had this same issue and has some input/advice. I'm actually afraid to drive it right now after that left turn issue.

    Of course the Haynes book is quite vague. Is it behind the airbag or the steering wheel? If I have to remove the steering wheel do I need to replace the mounting bolt?
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