Hey guys, I just replaced the battery in my 2005 Magnum sxt today and the alarm started spazzing out. I tried unlocking, turning the key to the start position, turning the driver's door lock back and forth, etc....to no avail. The only thing that stops the alarm from spazzing out is when I pull the rear 15amp ignition fuse while the key is in the start position. This seems to reset the alarm.

But spazzing dash-lights-Horn-alarm freak-out comes back hours later when I try to enter the vehicle. So I pulled the horn fuse temporarily while I figure this thing out...

Of course I understand that unlock with a proper key fob or turning the ignition to start ought to disarm the alarm, but I also seem to remember reading somewhere years ago that I need to turn the key from LOCK to ON three times to disable the alarm. Is this true?

Has anyone experienced this issue, where the anti-theft system seems to take over intermittently?