2008 Magnum problems with no heater.
Went to leave work no radio. Great I think so I check fuses thought one was bad, so I changed it. nothing. Then air bag light came on and i had no heater controls. Researched a bit and did a hard reset of my TIPM. twice. Radio works now but no heater. and air bag light is still on. I've replaced the tipm and my fuel gauge stopped bouncing. still no heater and air bag light still on. replaced heater blower resister. nothing. I got power at the heater plug so now thinking heater blower. new heater blower put it and still nothing. The heater switch is working because it turns off power at the plug. What else could it be? How do i test my heater switch in my dash? Having no heater really sucks as as its winter and i have a family that depends on this car to get around. We need heat. I'm almost ready to just hot wire the heater so at least i can thaw my windows.