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  1. Sorry for the delay, I've been out of town visiting my folks back in Ga. Then my Mag had some problems today. I'm from Gray, Ga which is just north of Macon. I also have family in Milledgeville and Hawkinsville. I remember Jax well, we used to take vacations there when I was young. I'm looking forward to my vacation to Disney Land in May. My son will turn 3 while we are there and the long road trip will be enjoyed in my Mag. I live in the Dublin, Ca area how about yourself?


  2. where you from in GA , half of my family is from savannah , im originally from jax,fla.
  3. whats up? i took a small break from the car "thing" but im back . give me a call sometime Barry 904-735-2622 .
  4. Sorry, i just got your message, I took a long vacation over the new year and had a lot to catch up with for work, so I've been pretty booked. Let me know if there are other things going on near the area and hopefully my schedule will cooperate when there is. My name is Brock by the way.
  5. whats up , put me in im in fairfield @ travis afb. there a mopar meet in hayward tomm.
    on <saturday> . hit me if u wanna go down the me and a couple of other chryslers/dodges going, let me know whats up my name is B 904-735-2622 the meet is at 1pm.
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