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  1. Those rotors and calipers look sick on your mag. I saw your post, looks like you have a pretty good setup at that Uhaul office, is that in Foster City?
  2. I'll be installing them on Sunday. I'll let you know. Thanks. I'm glad your electronics issue worked itself out.
  3. Well, I just went out to check on the fuses and when I turned the key on everything worked fine. Guess it just had to reset it's self and it took longer than the 5 minute drive from Wal-mart to my house. How did your new rotors and pads turn out once you installed them, any squelling?
  4. Thanks, I just downloaded the owner's manual from dodge, guess I'll go check fuses.
  5. Geeze, I'm not really sure. First thind I'd do is check the fuse(s) for those things that aren't working. The location info is in the owners manual.
  6. Thank you, also, now my radio and the uconnect do not work after the battery was removed and replaced. i don't have an owner's manual, how do I reset them to work again?
  7. 4-5 years is an average life for a battery. Some may go longer, some shorter, depending on the use and condition of charging system.
  8. Well, I took my car for an oil change yesterday. Then I noticed this morning that the starter sounded like it was straining to start the car but it did start. I thought maybe I just didn't notice it before. Then before I left work today it would not start, had to jump it off. Then I got the battery tested and had to buy a new one. My car's build date is 2/05. I still had the original battery, is it normal for it to go out in that amount of time? I think I'm going to get my alternator checked tomorrow as well just to be safe. Hope you have a great 4th of July.
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