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  1. Again I'm sorry for the confusion on my part I'll let Jay know to tell Philly Mopar what they can't do!! You all are more than welcome to come we are trying to keep a head count going so if you do think you are coming if you can let us know how many in advance just so we are sure we have enough food for everyone!!! Again I'm sorry for confusing your club with another!!
  2. Thats ok Claude your club are the only ones I know of from Philly and everytime we ask Jay to talk to the people that are coming he forgets!! Sorry if I came off the wrong way we are just covering all of our bases to make sure we don't get in trouble because we are holding the BBQ at a state park. Sorry for the misunderstanding on my part as to who is coming we haven't been able to talk to Jay much recently as he was getting ready and is now at MSO in FL.
  3. I understand but I have to make something very very clear. You are confusing PA Mopar with some other club from philly. I request that you call me 215-221-2297 or email me [email protected]. We PA Mopar follow all rules and are a family type of car club!
  4. Hey Claude I know a binch of you guys from Philly are rolling down to the BBQ next month. We need to make sure you guys know there will be no reving of engines, burning rubber, or drifting at the BBQ. If anyone is caught doing so we will be forced to ask them to leave. We are responsible for the pavilion and the parking lot and don't want to be hit with any fines that may occur from someone doing such!!
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