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Conversation Between Demon and mr farrell

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  1. Yeah, it hit me all of a sudden about 5 yesterday. Fever, chills and upset stomach. Started shaking real bad and had to lie down. All gone today except for being tired and drained feeling.
  2. yeah... some kinda bug is goin around at work. there's like 6 people out sick.
  3. LOL, yeah my minds not screwed on too well atm. Been sick since about 5PM. Some kind of bug has me all messed up.
  4. yeah that's the m&g i mentioned before... see below.
  5. thanx for the add. sending you a bean.
  6. Ahh I must have missed them. Your not far from me, 26th and MacArther LOL. We have a big Labor Day M&G planned from the chargerforumz. Posted it in the regional section. Looks like it's going to be a pretty big shindig, going to head up to Chandler then cruise back to Arcadia.
  7. NW... im right by 23rd and penn. i posted a few times on our regional thread about gettin together but we never got anything worked out.
  8. All good, may to hook up another time, didn't realize you were in OKC too. What part of town are you in?
  9. yo yo... just heard about the chargerforumz m&g. i have to work that day but i'm gonna see if i can make it afterwards.

    i probably wont get off till 6 so i may be too late.
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