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Conversation Between mr farrell and RAWphenom

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  1. i suppose so. i can show you a couple tools. got any specific questions? send me a pm.
  2. hey farrell, gotta question... wanna teach me to photoshop??
  3. no it's not on there... maybe i have to be a member longer or have some more rep...
  4. go to user cp, then edit details. should be called custom user title. i dont know if everyone has access to change it.
  5. i gotta question for you... how do you change what it says under your name, like mine says "member" and yours says "a disturbance in the force."
  6. haha, thanx. i do what i can.
  7. no problem man... you seem to be a pretty cool dude
  8. hey, thanx for the friend request.
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