I recently had found myself between homes my new apt wasnt ready by time I had to move out my old one, long story short. I ended up parking in random lots, basically living out of my magnum for about a week, but I live in Phx, Az. and summers here are brutal, that said, obviously i had to keep my car on, idling, in order to have the AC running, for hours on end, didnt give me no problems till I moved in my new apt. I noticed the battery light went on, and the car made a motion wanting to stall, barely got it home, turned off ignition and it would not start back up, so I called my guy, he came out, said the alternator was fine, but my battery was completely dead, so I bought a new battery, put it in, it turned over, no prob, but the dang battery lights still on?? I tried to drive it, but its acting like it wants to stall?? I Checked fuses, best I could, couldn't find a bad one, ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE?