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    Question about Bag Wear (Pics Included)

    So I've had my Air suspension installed and running for around 3 to 4 years .... hell maybe a bit longer, anyway. I've had my car since 2011 when it had 22,222 miles on it. To date it has around 27,280. Sadly in the off seasons of the year (Winter, Fall , some of spring and summer) my car sits in the garage a lot. Never really thinking about it (its on a battery tender so I don't turn it over to often when its sitting) the bags deflate after around 3 to 4 days in the garage and it just sits there until I either start it to air up all bags and tank. But a few days later its back to the ground.

    1. Should a properly installed Air suspension system ever go flat after sitting for days/ weeks, again in my case its about 3 to 4/5 days.

    I installed the system myself and when I was done I never really cared/bothered to ask if this was normal. I assume its not.

    2. I've look around for aging rubber pictures/info to see maybe what stage my wear was, as the car sits flat for weeks/months at a time ( I know , I know) Is there a recommended bag replacement time frame for say semis? I know a lot of it is driver pending and as stated I don't drive very much.

    My rear bags look flawless, but the front 2 both show wear in the creases from again sitting.

    I know the reality of the situation if I'm doing 70 - 80 mph and one of my bags blows out. Something bad is going to happen to the Tire/Wheel / Fender / Me / Someone else or all of the above.

    I"ve asked some friends of what the reality of the situation would be in their opinions would the bag have a "blowout" or just leak consistently enough that it would air up but leak very fast to the point of needing replace. They said they would imagine it would just be a slow problem and find that replacement was needed due to not holding air as it should. I'm not sure if that was their answer due to placate or lack of knowledge or hell the truth (opinion).

    I know what they say a car sitting is maybe the worst thing for it. I plan on this car being with me in very good condition for decades to come. If the consensus is new bags are needed, I will buy more and replace them no problem.

    Thanks ahead of time for any and all responses.
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    Before buying anything I'd check with the mfg'r of the air bags, and use the telephone not an email. Person to person is usually better. Talk to somebody in their engrg dept. jack
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