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  1. V8's
    Ok so this last weekend I swapped out my stock T-Stat with a Jet 180* and adjusted my fan speeds with my inTune with the help of Bill in the "How To: Adjust fan speeds for a 180 thermostat w/DSP" in the "***The Ultimate How To:***" thread. My question is there anything else I need to...
  2. Performance Talk
    WOW! Sham f'in WOW! Thanks to all who recommended I use my mod $ for the predator instead of a new tire for the 24's (fireman leading the charge). Already had the NoESP mod, that coupled with the 180 t-stat and the 91 tune really turned my Mag loose. I was already spinning the rears with the...
  3. General Magnum Discussion
    Just waiting on the missing piece of the puzzle!! Not difficult to see what else I'm waiting for my homie in in the big truck to drop off!.
1-3 of 3 Results