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2005 dodge magnum rt r/t hemi 5.7

  1. Pics11111111 012

    Pics11111111 012

    Nothing new going on here. I did install a PAC for my iPod, which sits in the little storage area above the ash tray. I also have my Garmin mounted by my rear view mirror.
  2. Pics11111111 011

    Pics11111111 011

    Painted the calipers black. Very subdued (some may call boring). Some day if i upgrade the wheels and rotors I'll switch to large RED calipers.....maybe yellow?
  3. Pics11111111 016

    Pics11111111 016

    Added the K&N CAI during the first 3 days of ownership.
  4. Pics11111111 010

    Pics11111111 010

    Cleaning day.
  5. Pics11111111 018

    Pics11111111 018

    My 2005 R/T - very stock exterior.......for now.