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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Greetings My name is Tyler I'm new to the site. I'm looking to purchase my 1st Dodge Magnum. I'm looking for a 2006 SXT or possibly RT model. I don't know much about them and thats where you come in. I'm asking for any and all suggestions and advice on what to look for any issues or concerns I...
  2. Audio & Video
    Anyone else not getting the new Sirius channels from the latest update? I have a 2006 R/T with the REC unit. Sirius just pushed out an update couple weeks back where they added a bunch of new channels. Out of the new channels (55 and 57 for example), I can't get them on my unit. Worked with...
  3. General Magnum Discussion
    Hey guys and gals, I have been gone for a few years but I am looking to buy another Magnum. I found a 2006 RT with 62,xxx miles in the steel blue color. Daily clean. 4 year old tires. 100% stock. Driver seat had some repair work. Rear panel on passenger side in trunk has a very small damage at...
  4. DG's 2006 SRT8 Vortec Supercharged

    DG's 2006 SRT8 Vortec Supercharged
  5. General Magnum Discussion
    Ok right now i own a 2006 sxt and i am very likely to be upgrading to an R/T or SRT in the next few months. so im looking around and well we all know the obvious differences between the models. But lets say whats the difference between a 2006 SRT and 2007 SRT, did dodge change anything? a reason...
1-6 of 6 Results