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  1. Suspension Forum
    I was looking on craigslist last night and found some rims that are 5-bolt "universal". About 9 inches wide, 22" with tires that are 235/30/22. I'm not as concerned about the bolt pattern as I am the tires. I noticed in the tire guide that the recommended is 255/30/22. First off can someone...
  2. Sell your stuff
    letting my Novas go, after maybe 3000 miles. Traded the Magnum in (mistake) on a 2010 Challenger. didnt like the lack of room, traded it off for a new 2011 Nitro (oh well) and the gang at MOPAR didnt decide to keep a 5x115 pattern on that ride, so these don't fit anything I have. always kept...
  3. DG's 2006 SRT8 Vortec Supercharged

    DG's 2006 SRT8 Vortec Supercharged

  4. DG's 2006 SRT8 Vortec Supercharged

    DG's 2006 SRT8 Vortec Supercharged

    DG's 2006 SRT8 Vortec Supercharged
  5. Exterior Styling
    Hey i know ive seen them throughout the forum, butt im wondering everybodies thoughts on the cheapest way to get a set of 22" black viper rims. most likely repro's, but im not too worried about that. I want satin black viper rims, and i live in canada. Thanks guys.
  6. Suspension Forum
    OK everyone, I am FINALLY going to get some new shoes!!! But first I have a few questions and need some favors!! Here we go-- Right now Im sitting on 225/60/18's which sit about 28" high. Wheel wells Front- 31.75 --- Rear 31.50 Gap " " 3.75 --- " " 3.50 1st favor - I...
  7. Exterior Styling
    I have just bought a '06 R/T AWD and want to put it on 22" wheels before I even drive it. However I am not sure if I need spacers or any type of modifications to fit them properly. Question: Has anyone had any issues with 22" wheels or can give me advice if you feel I need it?
  8. General Magnum Discussion
    I have had my 22" chrome wheels for about 8 months and i have never had any issues cleaning them up until i got my car back from the body shop last week. There seems to some type of residue coating the wheels that i have been unable to penetrate. I even tried Goof Off and Bug & Tar Remover in...
  9. Sell your stuff
    This car is Amazing and I am super bummed about selling it but im moving to a place where you don't need a vehicle. LUCKY for you though. I am moving soon so I need to sell it ASAP. $17,750 or best offer 2005 Dodge Magnum R/T Mileage 53,000 This model has the 4 cylinder shut off which...