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  1. Suspension Forum
    I was looking on craigslist last night and found some rims that are 5-bolt "universal". About 9 inches wide, 22" with tires that are 235/30/22. I'm not as concerned about the bolt pattern as I am the tires. I noticed in the tire guide that the recommended is 255/30/22. First off can someone...
  2. Member Classifieds
    letting my Novas go, after maybe 3000 miles. Traded the Magnum in (mistake) on a 2010 Challenger. didnt like the lack of room, traded it off for a new 2011 Nitro (oh well) and the gang at MOPAR didnt decide to keep a 5x115 pattern on that ride, so these don't fit anything I have. always kept...
  3. DG's 2006 SRT8 Vortec Supercharged

    DG's 2006 SRT8 Vortec Supercharged
  4. Exterior Styling
    Hey i know ive seen them throughout the forum, butt im wondering everybodies thoughts on the cheapest way to get a set of 22" black viper rims. most likely repro's, but im not too worried about that. I want satin black viper rims, and i live in canada. Thanks guys.
  5. Suspension Forum
    OK everyone, I am FINALLY going to get some new shoes!!! But first I have a few questions and need some favors!! Here we go-- Right now Im sitting on 225/60/18's which sit about 28" high. Wheel wells Front- 31.75 --- Rear 31.50 Gap " " 3.75 --- " " 3.50 1st favor - I...
  6. Exterior Styling
    I have just bought a '06 R/T AWD and want to put it on 22" wheels before I even drive it. However I am not sure if I need spacers or any type of modifications to fit them properly. Question: Has anyone had any issues with 22" wheels or can give me advice if you feel I need it?
  7. General Magnum Discussion
    I have had my 22" chrome wheels for about 8 months and i have never had any issues cleaning them up until i got my car back from the body shop last week. There seems to some type of residue coating the wheels that i have been unable to penetrate. I even tried Goof Off and Bug & Tar Remover in...
  8. Member Classifieds
    This car is Amazing and I am super bummed about selling it but im moving to a place where you don't need a vehicle. LUCKY for you though. I am moving soon so I need to sell it ASAP. $17,750 or best offer 2005 Dodge Magnum R/T Mileage 53,000 This model has the 4 cylinder shut off which...
1-9 of 10 Results