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3.5l performance

  1. Some new dyno sheets... before new major mods

    So its been a while since my last dyno pull and in hopes of reaching some personal hp/yq goals I needed some more recent numbers. Baseline Numbers (CAI, exhaust): 174rwhp, 195rwtq Performance Mods from Dyno Test Performed 3/11/2009: Inertia V1.1 Cams CNC ported/polished Throttle Body - beta...
  2. 3.5L OBX-R Shorty Headers, Pics/Video

    Performance Talk
    OBX-R Headers Write-Up, Photos and Video So I've been searching for an alternative to the JBA shorties for a long while. I've never been satisfied with their build quality or finish. I emailed every major headers company I could find without any luck (including OBX). I was either told it...