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  1. Introduce Yourself
    What up all, new to forum but def not new to wrecking ish on purpose to get a better upgraded version of it. Car info in signature....soon to add to it...a new tranny cause I know it........blew my first TRANNY. lol. For real though any recommendation on performance...
  2. V6's
    I'm curios to know. If so, what do you have and how much (estimated) did it cost you? I currently have a 2007 SXT 3.5L RWD. I would like to mod it around the 350 hp range. If your out there I'd like to hear fromya! :fingersx:
  3. Sell your stuff
    Hi all, I am selling my 2008 Magnum SXT AWD. It is in great shape, new tires, clean carfax and 81500 miles. Silver with black cloth, power seat, standard radio. It is stock in every way. I have all service records, 2 keys, and owners manuals. I havent had it long. I bought it to customize, but...
  4. Sell your stuff
    I am truly going to miss my Mag. But I bought a corvette and my garage just doesn't have room for both...and neither does my bank account. You can check out all the details on Autotrader...
  5. Performance Talk
    Hi, i was wondering what size tubing i need to make a homemade CAI? Like if i go to autozone or pepboys to get the pieces myself. What size is the part that hooks up to throttle body or the right tubing size? I dont want to purchase then its too small or something. Thnkx in advance!! :cool30:
  6. Performance Talk
    I currently have a stck SE with a 2.7L engine. When i return from my deployment i plan on doing an engine swap to a 3.5L to allow me more options with gaining more power. Does anyone know if this is even possible and if so what are the necessary changes that need to be made to put that engine...
  7. V6's
    Today i had my stock muffler replaced with Flowmaster Super 44 series, supposedly the most agressive sounding. My exhaust was already modified b4 from when i had the exhaust resonator removed. I have the 3.5l 08 SXT. MAN, i love how she sounding now. She sounding better thn a lot of hemi...
  8. Performance Talk
    Hey Guys, Is anyone in the Phoenix area interested in doing a ported lower intake manifold and ported throttle body for their 3.5L V6? The throttle body is known to produce around 5-8 hp and tq. What I need is dyno numbers for the combination of the manifold/tb and just the manifold. I will be...
  9. Vendor Deals
    I am pleased to announce that testing is finally complete for the V6 Ported Throttle Bodies and we are ready for production! For those of you who have no seen our past threads, I have been working closely with Billet Tech and with my own research to develop a ported throttle body for both the...
  10. Performance Talk
    V6 Performance Parts: Write Up with Photos and Video Parts to be discussed include: Inertia Motorsports V1.1 Camshafts w/ lash caps CNC Ported/Polished 74mm Throttle Body (BilletTech and I - Joint Venture) Ported/Polished "Gasket Matched" Lower Intake Manifold Disclaimer: I do not claim to...
  11. Performance Talk
    Hey AZ crew, I will be at UMS tuning this TUESDAY at 10AM for dyno testing the CNC V6 throttle body I've been working on. Anyone that would like to hangout and see the results first hand is welcome to drop by. UMS is one hell of a facility and for anyone that can make it down I recommend it...
  12. Performance Talk
    I recorded a new video of my 2005 Magnum SXT with the Inertia V1.1 Camshafts, Ported & polished manifold, ported & polished 74mm throttle body and custom tuned by Mike Lafrad. Bolt-ons include AirHammer HO intake, Blastin Bobs 10db kit (replaced suitcase w/ dynomax muffler), and airflow mods.
1-12 of 19 Results