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  1. Seeking advice before buying 05 Magnum

    General Magnum Discussion
    Hello, I'm new here but hoping to become a regular once I get my car, which brings me to my question. I was just offered an 05 Magnum with 44,000 miles on it, 1 owner, paint and body in near perfect condition. Interior is in even better shape. And the owner is asking $3000. The car is owned by...
  2. Need Maintenance Advice for my sxt magnum 05 #160,00miles

    General Magnum Discussion
    Advice needed: For maintenance on my SXT magnum 05 with 160,000 miles. Hello community: I'm seeking advice and I hope you can provide some input. My car has reached 160,000 miles on the meter. I believe it is time some maintenance be upgraded or need to be replaced, on the 3.5L engine. What...
  3. Suspension Help in Cleveland!

    Suspension Forum
    Hi guys, I'm posting this for any great Magnum Owners in Cleveland! I've got 2006 Magnum SXT AWD that needs front end work (lower control arms and brushings), and I've never done the work before. Is there anyone in Cleveland or Eastside of Cleveland who lend me some advice on getting the work...
  4. Shoppin for an srt

    General Magnum Discussion
    Ive been looking for an 07 magnum srt for some time now and well i finally found one close so tommorow im driven out to test drive it. Now im tryin to trade in my 06 sxt with 58000 on it but i still need to get them to knock a few grand off. And maybe i could be the proud new owner of srt. Any...