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  1. AEcarbon...Signing Off

    Vendor Deals
    Hey Guys, I didnt get a chance to write a thread before the plug was pulled on our forum area. I'm posting this here for anyone who might not have seen it on other forums. AEcarbon will no longer be in business or accepting orders for any and all parts advertised on the website or on the...
  2. 3.5L OBX-R Shorty Headers, Pics/Video

    Performance Talk
    OBX-R Headers Write-Up, Photos and Video So I've been searching for an alternative to the JBA shorties for a long while. I've never been satisfied with their build quality or finish. I emailed every major headers company I could find without any luck (including OBX). I was either told it...
  3. June Photo Contest: Odd Couple!

    Website News and Announcements
    June Theme: "Odd Couple" Congratulations to bookeem for winning the last photo contest and choosing this months theme. Show us your favorite photograph of your Magnum to fit the theme "Odd Couple." This could include odd locations, odd photoshoot style or subject, or anything extremely out...
  4. April Photo Contest: Spring Cleaning!

    Website News and Announcements
    April Theme: "Spring Cleaning" Show us those photos of your Magnum during or after a long detail session. Get creative with it. Get your girlfriend or wife to wash your car in a white shirt or whatever it takes to show off what you've got! Show off your dripping wet wagon, please wait until...
  5. Group Buy: 3.5L & 2.7L CNC Ported Throttle Bodies

    Vendor Deals
    I am pleased to announce that testing is finally complete for the V6 Ported Throttle Bodies and we are ready for production! For those of you who have no seen our past threads, I have been working closely with Billet Tech and with my own research to develop a ported throttle body for both the...
  6. February Photo Contest: Up Close and Personal

    Website News and Announcements
    February Theme: "Up Close and Personal" Last months photo contest was canceled due to lack of participation so we are starting fresh this month with a new theme. So put your camera in macro mode or swap lenses and go out and get up close and personal with your Magnum! There are no excuses...