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  1. General Magnum Discussion
    I was hoping if anyone here could clarify wether or not the NRG Short hub for Domestic vehicles works on dodge magnums? It says it will fit "All Dodge Neon (will fit SRT-4 but will need spacer)" it also says it will fit "All Dodge Viper". Here is a link to the website for the item...
  2. Audio & Video
    Im talking about this : Touch Screen Car CD DVD Player for Dodge Magnum with GPS TV Radio Uploaded with
  3. General Magnum Discussion
    Need to see pictures of your aftermarket taillights & Grill(for 08) I'm finally ready to order me some aftermarket tail lights from eBay. the led ones. I've attached two pictures of the ones I'm considering. if someone has link to other different ones, please share. I want them with black...
  4. Audio & Video
    I have the stock Nav with VES(video entertainment system) but don't have the monitors in the headrests. Does anyone one know where I can find the stock ones that would normally come from the factory. I looked on the dodgeparts website and they didn't have them and I can't seem to find them...
  5. Audio & Video
    I'm not sure what wiring harness I need to install a Kenwood KDC-MP345u aftermarket radio in my 08 magnum. Does anyone know what harness I need? Thanks
  6. Exterior Styling
    Hi there... I am new to the forum but have had my wife's Magnum R/T for over a year now. Got a broken headlight from some debris on the interstate, so I figure it's time to look into new headlights. I have been looking around online and found a set that my wife really likes, but I cannot find...
1-6 of 6 Results