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air intake

  1. Finally got my magnum! It's awesome

    Introduce Yourself
    Ok well this is my first magnum and this is my first post on a forum ever. I joined cas I was looking for some knowledge on my new magnum. Specifically I wanted to inquire about exhausts and air intakes cas it seems like those are two performance mods I can make without breaking the bank and...
  2. New Magnum Owner & What's the best CAI for a 3.5 Magnum?

    Performance Talk
    Hi, I'm new to Custom Magnums. I'm running a Black 2006 AWD Magnum. There's a lot out there with CAI's. K&N seems to be the "popular" brand. I noticed a great deal of you guys in Custom Magnums use K&N. K&N's run $300+; is there a less expensive option. Does any use the Mopar Intakes...