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  1. Sell your stuff
    Update.... PRICE DROP! I took $1,500 off the asking price. That number is still negotiable. The car needs to go quickly, or I will be forced to sell it to a local used car dealer. Before you say it...yes, I realize the Hellcat badge on the grill is a full on lie. The grill needed something, so...
    $9,400 USD
  2. South West
    I ordered my complete air ride setup from bad I was hoping there are a few peoples with bagged magnums on here who can help me out with ideas on a setup in the spare tire compartment. Where did you run your air lines threw the walls? Any tips before I start my install
  3. Suspension Forum
    Please help to many choices! What's the most recommended air suspension system out there for my mag? I want it as low as possible and ride well also. I was once in the AZ mini truck scene back in the late 90's early y2K there was a lot of crap out there. Can anyone help me out plz!, thanks...
1-3 of 3 Results