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  1. General Magnum Discussion
    Hi folks, did a search and all I found was lots of posts asking about alt upgrades. So sorry if this question is answered somewhere and I missed it... I don't need an alt upgrade, I just need to swap my dead one out with a bog standard PepBoys jobbie so I can get moving again. Looks like a...
  2. General Magnum Discussion
    I think I bought a bad batter...but not certain. Can you guys and girls give me your thoughts? Turn key = Click, Click, Click, Click & so on... Buy a new battery, install it = Click, Click, Click...but lights come on, a/c fan comes on etc. Jumps start it with my other car (my newly acquired...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    A few days ago my car wouldn't start. I tried to jump it, and it wouldn't even work. Naturally, I figured it was the alternator. So had a new one installed. It worked great for that night and following morning, then the same problem occurred and my car would not start. I was told it might have...
  4. Audio & Video
    :drive:all my staff take alot of energy from my 2 batterys :dunno:can this alternator be good for me ?:NEW 250 AMP HIGH OUTPUT ALTERNATOR Chrysler 300 2.7L - eBay (item 250737719085 end time Feb-02-11 16:59:02 PST)
  5. Audio & Video
    ok is my first time doing the big 3 and alternator, any suggestion.....? does doing the big 3 + alternator affect the conputer or any of the electrical system of the car?:omfg::comp26: help me please :beerchug: u friend R1cardo:drive:
1-5 of 5 Results