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  1. 2006 SXT Frankenstein System - Help Needed

    Audio & Video
    Greetings all, I bought a unique '06 SXT. It is unique in the fact that it was originally bought/used by somebody who was doing whatever (likely drug dealing) and their car was confiscated through civil forfeiture. It then found itself under the ownership of a police department in Kissimmee...
  2. Stock head unit with subs??

    Audio & Video
    I was looking into installing some subs (2-12") in my magnum. I was just wondering if anyone has installed some subs and amp into the stock head unit or if it was possible. I have an 05 rt magnum w/ navigation. I just dont feel like spending $500+ on a new head unit if I already like the stock...
  3. Too Much Bass!

    Sell your stuff
    SOLD! Too Much Bass! Got these 12" Kicker Subs in custom box w/ amp attached to back of enclosure. Received these as payment for helping move a friend from NY. Need to pay off the bills for new trailer tires and gas from this good deed Specs- (1) Carpeted enclosure (Kicker) I love...
  4. Need Subs/Amp Suggestions

    Audio & Video
    I am selling my two 15" kicker cvrs along with the 1200 watt amp soon to a friend and am looking for ideas on an upgrade. i want it to be even louder than the cvrs. going with 2 subs for sure preferably 15" idk just looks better in the back of the mag (will be getting a custom box made). 1 or 2...
  5. Stock Head Unit...I NEED HELP!!!!!!

    General Magnum Discussion
    Ok, i know this should probably be in audio, but i need help lol. I am installing my subs, and amp....and im wondering how the F**K i hook up the RCA cables to the stock head unit....or if i should use something else that i dont know about???? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!
  6. FS: Complete Rockford Foasgate Sound System and Pioneer Avic-z2 navigation screen

    Sell your stuff
    I'm trading the magnum in and I'm selling my screen and sound system. System is $1000. Screen is $1200. Or I will sell both for $2000. The system includes 2 subs in box, 2 amps, 4 door speakers, capacitor, and all wires needed for installation. Everything is Rockford Fosgate. Worth over $2000...
  7. Is a downgraded - upgrade possible?? YES!

    Audio & Video
    I wasn't too happy with my first set up (first pic) I messed up on the boxes, didn't know how to cover the set up so I could throw things in the trunk etc. So I decided to upgrade!! and in the process I downgraded from 2-12's and 2-amps to one of ea. (I have another vehicle in which they will be...
  8. 12 inch BTL, 2000 watt amp for sale

    Sell your stuff
    Topic Description and title is pretty cut and dry. I ordered one for a planned Dodge Challenger install. Challenger changed to an SRT8 Magnum, so two were needed. The 30 Day build time killed that as I needed it in two weeks. No fault to Fi, as its good to see their business is picking up...
  9. Need to sell my 15 inch Kicker and 4000 Watt amp ASAP!!!

    Sell your stuff
    I badly need some christmas money and need to sell my system. This is a 15 inch kicker comp VR in a custom made silver box with a dodge ram in the center in black. The box takes up 1/4 of a magnum trunk space and it is huge so it sounds awesome! Box is handmade and flawless! sub pounds hard and...
  10. Finally posting the interior mods!

    Interior Styling
    Welp - I've shown all my exterior mods, so now it's time to move on to the interior. When I made the sub box I forgot to split the two so had to cut it in half and fiber glassed the holes, it didn't fit in as good and didn't sound as good either but I've lived with it. I need to redo this or...
  11. Amp Settings, Please explain...

    Audio & Video
    I have an older dual channel 1200 watt Sony Xplod amp. I have it hooked up to 2 12-inch Pioneer subs. I want to tweek the amp settings to get a bit more solid bass but I'm not sure which option on my amp will help me do that. I have the following options: Level Low Boost Filter Can someone...
  12. OEM audio system problems

    Audio & Video
    OK This may get kinda long but here goes. I've posted several times about how I've had my mag for over 4 years without a single problem....shoulda kept my mouth shut I guess. For the last week or so I've been the school bus for my 3 1/2 year old so I've been listening to kids music during...
  13. WTB Lambo Door kit, Black halo headlights

    Want to buy
    Lookin around for the halo headlight with blakc in the back, and or hid lights, also owould like to haave lambo doors. any ideas we i can find em cheaap but good. Thnks for the help also lookin for a 2000watt dclass amp any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  14. Sub Install

    Audio & Video
    I was wondering if anyone knew the easiest way to install an amp and subs into my magnum. i have a 2005 rt with the boston sound system.