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  1. Sell your stuff
    Hey Guys, I am selling a couple of items from my maggie. Going to have to sell her and I want someone to enjoy these great items. You are looking at one of a kind 10" Subwoofer Boxes with Two Rockford Fosgate Power Amplifiers and a new recently bought Rockford Fosgate P3 10" inch Woofer...
  2. Audio & Video
    I am selling my two 15" kicker cvrs along with the 1200 watt amp soon to a friend and am looking for ideas on an upgrade. i want it to be even louder than the cvrs. going with 2 subs for sure preferably 15" idk just looks better in the back of the mag (will be getting a custom box made). 1 or 2...
  3. Audio & Video
    I have an older dual channel 1200 watt Sony Xplod amp. I have it hooked up to 2 12-inch Pioneer subs. I want to tweek the amp settings to get a bit more solid bass but I'm not sure which option on my amp will help me do that. I have the following options: Level Low Boost Filter Can someone...
1-3 of 3 Results