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  1. Audio & Video
    I want to replace the audio and GPS that came with car. Need bluetooth, any suggestions? Thanks you.
  2. Audio & Video
    I am guessing aftermarket is the way to go, but what are your guys' opinions? Taking into account nav, music, screen display, satellite radio, dvd, etc. as well as price. Also, what are the most preferred brands compared to price? Double DIN for sure. I'm sure this topic has been discussed many...
  3. Audio & Video
    Hey guys, I'm just looking for some opinions and some help with this here, So i have a 2006 SXT AWD, with the stock stereo, 4 speaker set up. I am looking to upgrade my front speakers to something that is a bit cleaner and nicer sounding. So far from what i understand the front speakers on the...
  4. Audio & Video
    Hi there - I'm totally new at this but here it goes. I have an 06 Magnum RT (5.7L V8 - if that makes a difference ) - everything there is standard, and I am looking for an update. Best Buy is the parent company of my husbands job, so basically, I am looking to get anything from there. ( we...
  5. General Magnum Discussion
    I have been following many of these threads for sometime now but haven't felt worthy of joining until I owned a Magnum. Well I do now. I just bought a Silver 2005 R/T with 55k miles on it. pretty proud of it. To start... what type of headlights would go well with a silver Magnum. I have...
  6. Audio & Video
    So I got just two 12s in my car but I'm bout to get a custom system built in a couple weeks. What can I do to take out at least some of that rattle throughout my Magnum and my car license plate?
  7. Member Classifieds
    SOLD! Too Much Bass! Got these 12" Kicker Subs in custom box w/ amp attached to back of enclosure. Received these as payment for helping move a friend from NY. Need to pay off the bills for new trailer tires and gas from this good deed Specs- (1) Carpeted enclosure (Kicker) I love...
  8. Audio & Video
    Looking for what people think is to he the best audio fireplace the stock speakers with, I bought an 05 r/t in Dec and all the speakers are blown. I've been to 2 custom audio places and one recommends rockford and the other recommends memphis. Both want like $400-600 for quality speakers, but...
  9. Member Classifieds
    I have two grey leather 8.8" touch screen headrests with DVD players built in. Both headrests are in perfect condition. The only reason I'm selling them is that I bought Chrysler srt seats and don't want to ruin the look of putting them in. They are power acoustic. Paid 900. Looking for 400...
  10. Audio & Video
    Hey all, I have an 06 R/T with the stock Boston Acoustics setup and the Stock REC radio with the 6CD changer, Navi, and uConnect. This morning when driving into work, the Screen started to flicker, then stopped so i thought nothing of it. Then right before I got to work, the screen just went...
  11. General Magnum Discussion
    Whats up everyone, I'm new to the forum and just bought an 05 Magnum RT. It has screens in the headrest and some A/V hookup plate mounted into the armrest. So i eventually found where the DVD player was. The previous owner had it mounted in the rear hatch area behind the passenger seats. I...
  12. Interior Styling
    Welp - I've shown all my exterior mods, so now it's time to move on to the interior. When I made the sub box I forgot to split the two so had to cut it in half and fiber glassed the holes, it didn't fit in as good and didn't sound as good either but I've lived with it. I need to redo this or...
  13. Interior Styling
    This may be a ridiculous question but is there any way to disable the ticking sound of the turn signals? thanks for any and all help.
  14. Upgrades

    jl audio 10" sub and 250/1 amp 2
  15. Upgrades

    jl audio 10" sub and 250/1 amp 1
  16. Upgrades

    pioneer avic n3
  17. audio

  18. audio

  19. audio

1-20 of 20 Results