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  1. Need help on removing fog light bezel to swap a housing lens that was cracked.

    General Magnum Discussion
    one of my foglight lens is cracked. it keeps filling with water and blowing out the bulb. now it looks like its partially melted inside. in VA, I have to have OEM foglights working in order to pass inspection. So I bought a single OEM foglight housing from ebay for a great deal. its used but...
  2. WTB - Black navigation radio bezel

    Want to buy
    So I'm looking to upgrade my sound system and the first thing I need is this bezel. The one I have for the non-navigation radio won't accommodate an aftermarket stereo correctly. I'm thinking of getting the 50W x 4 MOSFET Apple® iPod®-/Satellite Radio-Ready In-Dash DVD Deck from Pioneer...
  3. SRT8 Cluster, NAV Bezel, Adjustable UCAs for sale, R1 Premium Cross Drilled/Slotted

    Sell your stuff
    I have an SRT8 Cluster from an 07 Mag that is in great shape and has not be reprogrammed ever, and a NAV Bezel from the same magnum that has been repaired by the person i bought it from and works perfect, has been painted black, but could use another coat. Also is a new in the box pair of...
  4. Chrysler 300 radio bezel needed

    Sell your stuff
    I need a inexpensive black radio bezel for my '07 Chrysler 300. Please help
  5. few things needed

    Want to buy
    Sup CM peeps I really want to finish my audio video install before I start on performance upgrades I think the last piece I need is a Black or Silver Navigation Bezel ... or If I break down and buy the faux carbon fiber one how hard is to paint it
  6. I need navi bezel!!! Please!!! Going crazy!!!

    Want to buy
    I just bought a new head unit and I can't wait to install it anymore! All eBay has is carbon fiber and colors. All dodge has is $250 and on back order! I just bought my magnum and I am not about to go cutting on the dash! Somebody please help!!!!
  7. New DVD Navi system.......but there's a problem!

    Audio & Video
    First of all, let me start by saying that I'm not a "stereo" guy. I was actually completely happy with my factory OEM 6-disc CD stereo. But, on a whim somebody talked me into getting something new so I purchased this: Buy Dodge Magnum DVD/GPS Navigation [W2508C] Here's my problem. The...
  8. FS: VDI Lambo door kit and Magnum Nav Bezel

    Sell your stuff
    So I'm selling the magnum and therefore selling all the aftermarket mods that I have done to it. Complete Lambo door hinge kit specific for Dodge Magnum. Brand is Vertical Doors Inc and is one of the best kits you can find. Completely bolt-on using factory bolts and holes. No welding required...
  9. Going from single din to double din

    Audio & Video
    I am looking for a double din radio bezel that I will need to upgrade my Mag's stock single din radio to a touch screen yet to be determined. Anyone have one for sale or know where to get one? I have seen them on ebay and thought I would try anyone/everyone on here. I would prefer it to be...
  10. FS: REC nav unit with bezel and user manual.

    Sell your stuff
    FS: REC nav unit with bezel and user manual - SOLD Original unit off the 06 Magnum SRT8. SOLD