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  1. V6's
    Hey, So i guess it has been a while since i have been on here, well recently i have decided i need to do some new stuff to the Mag. here is what i have decided upon Maintenance parts; So i ordered a new EGR valve and all gaskets to do with it and the tube, i know i have been having problems...
  2. Sell your stuff
    Hey Guys and Gals I have a Big Bully up for sell $100 + Shipping and Handling if Applicable I'm just north of Atlanta GA .... Black Intake Red Cone .... Reusable Cone will have to be Recharged with a K&N or similar cleaning oiling kit
  3. SDM Chargum @ Race Legal

    Showing the Chargum off at Race Legal in San Diego
  4. Sell your stuff
    What up everybody!!! I had a 5.7l AWD but traded it in for a 6.1l. I now have the big bully CAI sitting in my garage. It's silver tube and red filter. It still looks brand new. $150 shipping included (prefer US address)
  5. V6's
    put in my big bully intake today! looks and sounds great
1-6 of 6 Results