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  1. Exterior Styling
    I am looking for widebody fender flares. In my search have not found any that work. Also looked at charger flares which I belive will work. But the availability seems to be non existent. I have a little rust on the rear wheel arches and to fix seems to be more than doing a cut out and flare...
  2. Exterior Styling
    I was driving on the highway when I heard this loud noise. I pulled over and this piece was missing . Can anybody tell me what this piece is called and where to find it
  3. Exterior Styling
    So i was wondering if any one knows of a company that could make me a custom body kit for a 2005 magnum like this one Please wait Image not available
  4. Performance Talk
    What's up guys, I have a 2.7 06 magnum and I put the intake,computer chip,And ported throttle body, last year in december, and only the engine light was comming on and if but not all the time, last night I was going he and the (etc light) came on! So I stop the car turn it off for 3 minute the...
1-4 of 4 Results