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brake lights

  1. 05 Magnum third brake light stays on.

    The Q&A Forum
    Ok so the other night I noticed that my 3rd brake light stays on continuously when I turn my regular lights on. With the light switch in the on position, I apply the brakes and the brake lights get brighter as they should but the 3rd brake light (which is already lit) also gets brighter. With...
  2. Driver side Trail Light

    General Magnum Discussion
    I replaced bulb. But still doesn't work. Blinker works, Reverse Light works, just Left tail light out. Where do they or do they join under car for left and right light to work. Thanks :omfg:
  3. LED Tail light bulbs?

    Exterior Styling
    I think I'm gonna tint my OEM taillights but I want to replace the tail / brake light bulb with the BRIGHTEST LED replacement bulb I can find. I've looked around and have seen A LOT of different ones! Does anybody have any brand / type recommendations? I was considering the "spider" type that...