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  1. 2.7L Big Bully Intake (Used)

    Sell your stuff
    Hey Guys and Gals I have a Big Bully up for sell $100 + Shipping and Handling if Applicable I'm just north of Atlanta GA .... Black Intake Red Cone .... Reusable Cone will have to be Recharged with a K&N or similar cleaning oiling kit
  2. AEM Brute Force CAI

    Performance Talk
    Hi Everyone, I found a nice deal on an AEM Brute force intake but it does not have the heat shield. How big of a problem is this? Anyone running one without the shield? How much of a difference should I notice, if any, with this unit. By the way, I have an 05 R/T and hopefully, in a day or...
  3. aFe Stage 2 CAI - How to Install

    Engine/Performance Mods
    Hello, I looked for all over for an install for the aFe Stage 2 CAI (54-10712) on an R/T but could not find any with pictures (I am a visual person). The instructions given are pretty detailed but I found them to really only gave me general directions. So I decided to do a write up. Maybe it...
  4. yes!!! its good to be back!!

    Introduce Yourself
    been gone for a bit.. got a question and need any input/advice... getting a cold air induction and im looking into the INJEN CAI.. need to know if anyone has this system or have heard any pros/cons about it.. seems they have a hp in crease of 21+ .. any info will help.. thnx..
  5. Do I need an aftermarket tuner?

    When I bought my MSRT8, it already had a 3 inch Magnaflow exhaust kit, a Volant CAI, and a Trufiber ducted hood. Will my factory ECM modify its settings to take advantage of the increased air flow or do i need a tuner? I am happy with the way it runs now but want to make sure that I am...
  6. Looking for some things for my 05

    Want to buy
    Currently looking for a CAI, exhaust system, and a set of SRT-10 22 inch Viper replica wheels to fit my 05 magnum. Any help would be appreciated. I am in the Las Vegas area.
  7. Mag update!!! And Help

    General Magnum Discussion
    ok, so im still new to the site but have been moddin for a while now, just a few updates i thought id share with the mag family. _ took the advice of fellow members and purchased and installed CAI. _Borrowed a predator tuner and 89 flashed my car, now im getting between 23-25 mpg( highway and...
  8. Big bully CAI for 5.7l

    Sell your stuff
    What up everybody!!! I had a 5.7l AWD but traded it in for a 6.1l. I now have the big bully CAI sitting in my garage. It's silver tube and red filter. It still looks brand new. $150 shipping included (prefer US address)
  9. What size is the CAI tubing for 3.5l mag?

    Performance Talk
    Hi, i was wondering what size tubing i need to make a homemade CAI? Like if i go to autozone or pepboys to get the pieces myself. What size is the part that hooks up to throttle body or the right tubing size? I dont want to purchase then its too small or something. Thnkx in advance!! :cool30:
  10. WTB: CAI for a 5.7, Nav Bezel, Mesh upper and lower grille, Bassform for 07 R/T

    Want to buy
    Ok, the title says what I'm after. Cold air intake for an 07 R/T, I'm open to whatever for the right price. I'm looking for a Nav bezel as I'm putting in a double DIN unit I'm looking for a black mesh grille, upper and lower I'd be open to buying a bassform or stealthbox. Thanks guys...
  11. I can Breathe easy thanks to Weezy!!!

    Performance Talk
    I just wanted to share a little Mod I got for a sweet price thanks to Member Weezy!! I was sooooo excited to install it I did it in the dark!!! I can't wait to add a Predator and some Duals-
  12. I Should Be Shot For This

    General Magnum Discussion
    Man, I feel awful for this cuzz I know it should've been taken care of. Gonna do it this weekend for sure.
  13. AFE Pro-Dry S Air Filter

    General Magnum Discussion
    Thinking about getting one of these AFE Pro-Dry S Air Filter. It's blue like the Mopar filter but bigger (like K&N) so it would match the Mopar emblem on CAI, and don't have to deal with oiling it. Anyone use one of these? Like, dislike? (Old Pic....and I have since straightened the Engine...
  14. Cleaning K&N Air Filter

    General Magnum Discussion
    My mopar CAI has a K&N air filter. At 62k, should I clean it or just get a new one? Not sure how often previous owner cleaned it so I'm thinking new one may be better. I'll post pics tomorrow. I have the cleaning oils and stuff, how difficult is it to clean?
  15. Not a thread......a sweater....hold on here we go.

    Performance Talk
    GEEZE even the title was here we go kind of a melting pot forum. Ive looked around and seen cat back exhaust for my 2.7 for $1000! Other mods also high, I come from the 87-93 mustang era were cat back is 375 and other mods are fairly cheap. Let me crack this pandoras box open. Ive got...
  16. Cai Coupling Cover..

    Cai Coupling Cover..

  17. Cai Coupling Cover..

    Cai Coupling Cover..

  18. Cai Coupling Cover..

    Cai Coupling Cover..