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  1. V6's
    Hey guys, I own an '06 Magnum 2.7L, currently 80k on the odometer. About 6-7 months ago the car, while in P or idling at a stop light would shake a bit. The RPM's go up and down, seems like the car is going to cut off. I read up on it and thought it was a carbon build up, so I used Seafoam...
  2. General Magnum Discussion
    Man why does it feel we are always left out!! I order a hood on ebay that said 08, Dont these MF now its not the same as a 05-07 WTF...SO if you have a 08 hood aftermarket show it please and where you got it. i will settle for a oem 08 srt hood as well.
  3. General Magnum Discussion
    I talked with the guys over at the Drake/California Classics at SpringFest and picked up one of these. Then I wrapped the grips with Neffy to match the rest of my interior... What do you think guys nice piece eh? Its exactly what I've been looking for.
1-3 of 3 Results