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  1. Interior Styling
    anyone know where i can get a tri fold false floor. none of my local junkyards have them and i dont want to go dealership way obviously because of cost
  2. General Magnum Discussion
    Emergency Supplies; Jerry Can (or is it Gerry Can), Booster Cables, Oil, Windshield Washer Fluid, Oil, Coolant, First-Aid Kit, Road Flares, etc. In all of my previous vehicles, I stored my emergency supplies in a couple of Rubbermaid Totes in the trunk. Now that I've got the Magnum, the...
  3. Interior Styling
    I dislike that the cargo area of the Magnum is all plastic. It scratches easily, scratches things (vs carpet), and starts looking dirty and uncleanable (the light grey anyway). I'd love to have the whole thing carpeted, the way most trunks are. Anyone know of a kit that does that, with...
1-3 of 3 Results