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  1. New Rear Floor Build

    Interior Styling
    I've seen some absolutely gorgeous rear floor replacements on the internet, mostly using stained wood, so I figured I'd give mine a shot, only with carpet. My old floor was caving in, perhaps from the weight, so I went with mdf board. I'm going to carpet my enclosure with the same material. I...
  2. shall we shag now, or shag later?

    Audio & Video
    my mom had some carpet laying around, i put it to good use, matches my car color close enough, i think its awesome.
  3. Cargo Area Carpet?

    Interior Styling
    I dislike that the cargo area of the Magnum is all plastic. It scratches easily, scratches things (vs carpet), and starts looking dirty and uncleanable (the light grey anyway). I'd love to have the whole thing carpeted, the way most trunks are. Anyone know of a kit that does that, with...