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  1. My new art design

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    Hey guys, i just wanted to share one of my new peices i have done for a personal advertisement. I thought it came out pretty good. *oh and just to let you know this was only posted to share the art work i created with my fellow family. In no means am i posting this for advertising...
  2. Marine blue pearl mags!

    General Magnum Discussion
    Custom Dodge Magnum Forums - Marine Blue Pearl Mag's! All you Marine blue pearl mags...Check out the new group!! Post some pics, and lets see how many of us there are on the site! :drive:
  3. SPL meter at MOPAR SHOW OFF (Saturday)???

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    Okay, i have a Friend that owns his own custom shop and they have a termlab meter, the official 180+db mic used by DB Drag, MECA, USAC and other SPL organizations. I was talking to him about the MSO and he offered to come and have cars metered for cheap, if i can set somthing up on Saturday...
  4. the MOPAR SHOWOFF just got BIGGER!!!!!

    Meets and Greets
    This event started with a simple thread on, by Sean (Bay Area Magnum) which stated, “I want to plan a FLORIDA meet !!!*** BIG ****” from there it just steam rolled into so much more, and with a purpose. Mopar Show Off ‘09 is ramping up to be a huge car show. Scheduled for...
  5. Current Activity.....

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    Kinda cool, In your user panel or in people "profile" you can see where they are on the site and at what time...... Kinda scarry though... like big brother..... You better watch out FAM i know where you are!!!! hhahaha :lmao: Last Activity: Today 07:48 AM Current Activity: Viewing User...
  6. New Social Group

    General Magnum Discussion
    MOPAR SHOW OFF... THE CLUB Lets see whos coming, who wants to come, and who has what it takes to... well... SHOW OFF! * MOPAR SHOW OFF * APRIL 5th 2009 * Join up today for all the updates about the show!
  7. Trophy's hook up?

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    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone on the site or that you know have a hookup on some trophys for the Mopar Showoff chairty event? All we need right now is a written quote. Thanks in advance guys!
  8. Top 10 Most stolen cars...

    General Magnum Discussion
    Magnum and Charger grace the top 10 in most stolen cars, along with the Escalade, Escalade ESV and Hummer H2 and Hummer SUT. Heres a link to the top 10 in pictures by forbes. I guess theves know a really good car when they see one! In Pictures: America's Most-Stolen Cars -
  9. New Interior Lighting

    Interior Styling
    Was at AutoZone the other day and seen these light and had a good idea for them. I Really like how they look at Night! I got a 4 switch plug for it and hard wired the switch. Plan on putting blue lights under the dash on both sides and into the visors, door lights and oh sh*t handles to...