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  1. Sell your stuff
    *****SOLD***** *****SOLD***** *****SOLD***** *****SOLD***** *****SOLD***** I got this CCFL Halo Gauge Cluster Kit about a year ago from AAC. The kit is brand new, never been out of the box. The color is UV (purple). Kit includes the following: -(4) CCFL Gauge Cluster Halo Rings -(2) XE Dual...
  2. Sell your stuff
    I've got a brand new 10,000k CCFL Oracle Halo Kit. I bought it a about a year ago and have never taken it out of the box. The kit includes: - (2) Magnum 10000K CCFL Hi Beam Halo Rings - (2) Magnum 10000K CCFL Lo Beam Halo Rings - (2) Magnum Demon Eye Ballasts - Dodge Magnum Specific Wiring...
  3. The Q&A Forum
    I purchased eagle eyes headlights with ccfl's. I was wondering what is the best way to install the ccfl's and LEDs in the headlight. I've heard splicing into parking light but wanted to know what's the easiest and best way and maybe a little instruction.
  4. Exterior Styling
    Just went through with an install of my headlights, swapped out the factory joints. It wasn't hard or bad at all... I should have been done this. Gotta get some fog lights now... :cool30: Link to pics: Link to Pictures on Facebook
1-4 of 4 Results