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  1. Challenger/300 hidden hitch fits the Magnum! Install!

    General Magnum Discussion
    So after months of endless searching of every salvage yard within 400 miles of me for the elusive Magnum hidden hitch, once made by Valley, I started to give up. I actually got stuck with one of the hitch's that I went to look at near Canada, as the yard had a restocking fee...The hitch turned...
  2. Challenger R/T hood stripes

    Exterior Styling
    how do you guys feel about the new challenger r/t hood-to-fender style stripes on a mag? did a quick mock up in photoshop but i cant seem to get them to upload. i need to make a few changes but im still not too sure. i think the stripes need to end on the crease of the fender w/ the " R/T" logo...
  3. Eco + Muscle Challenger

    Off Topic
    "Thanks to the cylinder deactivation program, this 4000 pound machine combines 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds and the quarter-mile in the low-12s with 25 mpg on the highway. Impressive." Not sure about the eco part, but they definitely hooked this Chally up! Make-Over Project story Video Pics