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    Hey guys just picked up a 05 Magnum 5.7 and want to do this 2015 charger swap. I already bought fenders hood Srt Grill/bumper and lights. Now I'm drawing a blank for everything else. The shops i called told me that they can do it but have never done it b4 so if i get all the parts and...
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    Hey everyone!!!!! Just wanted to reintroduce myself. Just picked up a replacement SRT to replace the Charg-um 001 (R.I.P.) gone but never forgotten. :beerchug:
  5. Introduce Yourself
    I just bought a magnum rt a few weeks ago and decided to make a chargum out of it and bought all the parts, After installing the upper radiator mount and headlights i sat the fenders on and thats when i realized i shouldve read up I now know the fenders need some modifying, just...
  6. Exterior Styling
    I was involved in a wreck that damaged the entire front of my 2006 magnum rt. I have been wanting to do a chargum conversion for a long time now, and with the wreck I think the time is now to get started. I'm looking for good places to source the front quarter panels and a general parts list and...
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    I was on youtube and came across this video. Was wondering if this car was here on this forum. I was wondering about the suspension setup it's riding pretty low.
  8. Introduce Yourself
    PROJECT. 05 magnum with charger front clip. Front and rear matching flares and rear widebody. Front and rear halos. Candy red with black 24" with red lips. Factory navigation conversion w/ armrest DVD.
  9. 2010 Chargum Project

    2010 Chargum Project

    San Diego Chargum
  10. 2010 Chargum Project

    2010 Chargum Project

    San Diego Chargum
  11. 2010 Chargum Project

    2010 Chargum Project

    San Diego Chargum
  12. 2010 Chargum Project

    2010 Chargum Project

    San Diego Chargum
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    100 3266

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  18. Exterior Styling
    if u hve an 08 magnum SXT, is it the same process to do the 300 or Chargum conversion? askn cuz 08 has redesigned front bumper, grill, lights, n hood. do those factors matter in doing the conversion? thnkx n advance p.s. Any other type of conversion ever done?