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  1. Two Fiberglass Pocket Sub Enclosures for 20" OEM Rims

    Want to Trade
    I have two fiberglass rear pocket sub enclosures... Wanting to see if anyone has a set of these rims they'd be willing to trade The enclosures go for about $200/ea, so it'd be similar to selling each rim @ $100 ea. Not to mention, it's almost impossible to find both driver and...
  2. Black Out or Chrome Out?

    Exterior Styling
    Hi guys, I'm trying to decide whether to black out my Magnum or to chrome it out.. Any suggestions? I attached a pic of the color of it. I plan to spend a lot. Thanks RC3
  3. SXT rims - $300

    Sell your stuff
    These rims came as a dealer upgrade on my previous 2005 Magnum SXT. They are 17" chrome wheels. Tires have some life, but I wouldn't recommend keeping them on for too long. The current tires are Goodyear Integrity 215/65/17. Asking $300 obo + shipping. It will cost $20 for a local shop to...
  4. 2005 18" Chrome Dodge factory rims

    Sell your stuff
    These rims are a factory upgrade from Dodge that my dad got back in 2005 off his SXT. I think they only had the original tires on them and then they were swapped out for some 20's. There is still about 10% of that rubber left, but I wouldn't suggest using it too long. The rims look pretty...
  5. KMC Nova 22x9/ 22x11 staggered CHROME with Cooper Zeon tires 265/35 295/30 $1700 WV

    Sell your stuff
    letting my Novas go, after maybe 3000 miles. Traded the Magnum in (mistake) on a 2010 Challenger. didnt like the lack of room, traded it off for a new 2011 Nitro (oh well) and the gang at MOPAR didnt decide to keep a 5x115 pattern on that ride, so these don't fit anything I have. always kept...
  6. Halogen lights and chrome

    Exterior Styling
    Hey I got this whole newheadlight kit for chritsmas. It is totally sick but there are nowiring diagrams that came with it and nobody will install them for me so if anybody has wiring diagrams I am badly in need of some help because if I can't install them then that's just 250 out the window...
  7. Feeler - 24" Chrome Strada Spinna's $1300

    Sell your stuff
    SOLD....miss'm FEELER - set of 24" Custom Strada Spinna's w/8" lip (try to find Strada Spinna 24's anywhere...u won't, they were custom made by Strada) with three 275/25ZR24 Toyo Proxes 4 with about 80% tread left for sale (blew out 4th tire). Minor road rash on rt front, PM me a...
  8. Chrome engine cover pieces

    Exterior Styling
    I'm trying to finish my engine cover paint job but can't figure out what to do with the "HEMI" letters on the sides. I came across these chrome adhesive letters from US Speed.Polished Hemi Engine Cover Letters - 2PC Has anyone purchased any of this type of under hood chrome(which is actually...
  9. More Chrome

    More Chrome

    added more chrome