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  1. Crazy Cluster!

    General Magnum Discussion
    I have not idea what is going on here. Is my cluster failing? Loose connection? ECU going bad? Below is a video of it happening, which is very difficult to catch because it is so rare. The car is a 45k 2006 SRT8. It runs great. It drives great. Excellent history on the car. I'm not sure...
  2. Gauge Cluster Light Out and Strange Noise

    General Magnum Discussion
    2005 R/T, 196K, stock, no mods. So, about 2 months ago when driving at night my gauge cluster lights would flicker on and off, but always seemed to come on. I figured it might be the headlight switch but was skeptical since just the gauge cluster lights had the issue and not the headlights or...
  3. BRAND NEW CCFL Halo Gauge Custer Kit

    Sell your stuff
    *****SOLD***** *****SOLD***** *****SOLD***** *****SOLD***** *****SOLD***** I got this CCFL Halo Gauge Cluster Kit about a year ago from AAC. The kit is brand new, never been out of the box. The color is UV (purple). Kit includes the following: -(4) CCFL Gauge Cluster Halo Rings -(2) XE Dual...
  4. how can i add a second temp gauge since mine dont work

    General Magnum Discussion
    how can i add a second temp gauge since mine dont work i wanna try to tap in but dnt know if it will mess with signal or it will start to light the check engine light...................................................i have a pillar pod mounted on it already with volts and air preasure but...
  5. SRT8 Cluster Swap Help

    General Magnum Discussion
    Hey all, just received my wonderful SRT 8 Cluster from nyrican and i love it. But, i was wondering what issues that any of you have encountered when swapping them. I know the mileage has to be programmed and VIN association is required. Got that. But, is the speedometer off some and if so, how...