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  1. Coolant Temperature Sensor - Cannot Locate It

    General Magnum Discussion
    Can anyone help me out? I cannot seem to find where the location of the engine Coolant Temperature Sensor is located. Haynes manual has a picture and describes it as being located at the rear right of the engine block. I have been under this car for an hour trying to locate it and the picture...
  2. coolant boiling no heat

    General Magnum Discussion
    Got a 05 5.7 hemi. Coolant keeps boiling out of bottle. Car doesn't seem to be running hot. Bc engine is not hot and needle is right in the middle. Heat doesnt work. Changed coolant temp semsor & thermostat that didnt fix it. Left cap off to try to bleed system of air thinking that might be...
  3. OOd grinding noise and coolant backup

    General Magnum Discussion
    I've been having a problem with an occasional grinding noise (audible on acceleration from a stand still until 10 or 15 mph) in my '05 RT for several months (5 or 6) now. I have had it to the shop 5 times, and every damned time I get within a block of the mechanic, the noise stops. No shit - 1...
  4. Radiator / Overheating issues

    The Q&A Forum
    I have an '06 - R/T RWD . Recently it started to overheat. I checked under the hood & the reservoir was empty. So while still hot, I slowly open up the radiator cap, I the fluid fills back in. I changed the T-Stat (was told that it might get stuck, & that it opens up when I relieve the pressure)...
  5. EGR and coolant thermostat (2005 Magnum)

    General Magnum Discussion
    So the great state of California has your general smog inspection that states if the check engine light is on, you cannot pass smog. Well after the computer spits out the info, it says that: Coolant Thermostat (coolant temp. below thermo. regulating temp) EGR Sensor - A Circuit High. My...