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  1. For those pesky traffic light cameras

    General Magnum Discussion
    Check this out guys. A way to get around those tickets at traffic lights. License Plate Frame Foils Irksome Traffic-Light Cameras | Raw File |
  2. havent been on in a while, blacked out car

    Exterior Styling
    So I haven't come to this site in a while but i thought i should post pics of my maggie all blacked out now on the headlights I bought GTS headlight covers off ebay so i could put them on and off whenever i want and they're pretty nice i really like them, and for my tails i just used plasti...
  3. Headlight/Taillight covers

    Exterior Styling
    Im trying to find some black headlight and taillight covers, and having the hardest time, 2008 dodge magnum. any prefrences?