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  1. Exterior Styling
    Hey guys! I am about to get my dodge painted and I want the colors to match the ones in this picture. Only problem is that I'm not sure what color of red is this. Someone told me it looks like a cherry but I'm not sure if I'm convinced. What do you think? Dodge Magnum Accessories & Parts...
  2. Just pictures of the whip.

    Just pictures of the whip.

  3. Now I went with red.

    Now I went with red.

  4. Didnt like the silver

    Didnt like the silver

  5. Sell your stuff
    Custom Painted 2.7L Plenum I just purchased a 2.7L plenum along with other V6 parts. This is a brand new part - never installed. I'll be dropping this off to Damian d'Andre (skippytrailer) over the next couple days to have him do his magic on it. This is an opportunity to choose your paint...