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  1. General Magnum Discussion
    Hello all. I am having a tough time with my magnum after an FCM replacement. The original issue was the passenger side low/high headlight not working and I finally ended up getting an FCM replacement. Now that the FCM was replaced, the headlights work as they should, although now my dash is...
  2. The Q&A Forum
    Ok so this is the deal, I was removing my old underglow kit, I bought the car with the kit already installed. Its an OPTX Street Glow with the LED Tubes. As I was removing the wiring to the control box, all of a sudden my car starting chiming and the Dash read that the key was in, the...
  3. Want to buy
    So I'm looking to upgrade my sound system and the first thing I need is this bezel. The one I have for the non-navigation radio won't accommodate an aftermarket stereo correctly. I'm thinking of getting the 50W x 4 MOSFET Apple® iPod®-/Satellite Radio-Ready In-Dash DVD Deck from Pioneer...
  4. Interior Styling
    So I'm looking into getting some AM gauges added to my Mag. I've seen pics of the A Pillar mount, but has anyone put any gauges on the free real estate on the dash? I'm thinking of the spot between the defrost vents and the curved section of the dash. Any pics? Wanted to see how'd it look...
  5. Want to buy
    I just bought a new head unit and I can't wait to install it anymore! All eBay has is carbon fiber and colors. All dodge has is $250 and on back order! I just bought my magnum and I am not about to go cutting on the dash! Somebody please help!!!!
1-5 of 6 Results