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  1. Want to buy
    Anyone have any leads on a U7136? I've found it online for $250, so anyone that can beat that wins. Thanks all.
  2. Performance Talk
    I have owned the Diablo Predator Sport tuner for my '05 RT for a few years and love it. I need to update my tuner through the Predator website, but I can't find my interface cable to hook the tuner to the computer. Can anyone out there lend me one to use to update my tuner? I'll ship it right...
  3. Performance Talk
    Hey- I was wondering if anyone with a 3.5 also has a throttle Body spacer. I've installed one in another vehicle and I like the way it sounds, + the little umph! I just installed a K&N CAI, and was thinking of getting a spacer as well. I am also thinking of getting the Predator- 1. Do you...
  4. General Magnum Discussion
    Saw this thread on lx and diboblo over there had a great idea: A Coffin Case drumstick holder to which he added the Diablo and & SRT8 emblems...I'm BITING!!
  5. General Magnum Discussion
    Has anyone experienced any Cruise control problems after installing Predator Tune? Since installing the tune, out of the 4 separate occasions I attempted to use it, it didn't even activate (no light on cruise control button).
1-5 of 5 Results