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  1. Sell your stuff
    Hey everybody, I've been a lurker on the site for a few years now and I'm looking to sell my Intune. It has some cosmetic damage, but everything is still fully functioning. I'm about to unmarry it tonight and should get a picture or two. Looking for $300 obo. Pm me for any details.
  2. V6's
    Hey, So i guess it has been a while since i have been on here, well recently i have decided i need to do some new stuff to the Mag. here is what i have decided upon Maintenance parts; So i ordered a new EGR valve and all gaskets to do with it and the tube, i know i have been having problems...
  3. V8's
    I recently bought an Intune for my 05 R/T and I am running into a problem using it. I can write a tune but if i try to do anything else afterwards like go into data logging, it will not recognize it is still connected to my vehicle. Also, I went from the 91 tune to the Diablo tune and it i...
  4. Performance Talk
    I have owned the Diablo Predator Sport tuner for my '05 RT for a few years and love it. I need to update my tuner through the Predator website, but I can't find my interface cable to hook the tuner to the computer. Can anyone out there lend me one to use to update my tuner? I'll ship it right...
  5. Performance Talk
    Hi guys im fairly new to the LX scene since i got my Magnum RT 3 months ago, being a mopar fan since a few years i jumped into the mods and now i just got onto the diablosport predator, many people are complaining about the 93 oct CAI performance tune that comes with the predator...heres my...
1-5 of 5 Results