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  1. Magnum R/T Rear Diff: Parts or Replacement suggestions?

    General Magnum Discussion
    Dear CustomMagnummers, My 2005 Magnum R/T may well need rear diff overhaul / repair / replacement. Can anyone give any suggestions where I might find: 1. Overhaul parts? / Overhaul parts including Limited Slip upgrade? 2. Stock repacement diff? 3. Replacement diff with Limited Slip...
  2. Front Clunking Noise

    Just wanted to put this out there as I have been reading a few others posts on here about having a odd clunking from the front area. I had this and got to looking and this is what I have found. I had my front drivers side C/V boot rip so I looked into options. I pulled my tire of and did a...
  3. Rear diff went out

    General Magnum Discussion
    I was driving along at 60mph on a highway when it happened, the rear differential went out. It sounded like the back end opened up much like a blowout of a tire, if only it were a blowout, along with vibrations that exposed rattles in places I never thought could have rattles, grinding noises...
  4. Differential bearings are bad

    Dropped my '06 mag SRT8 off at the shop today and sure enough they said some diff bearings are likely the cause of the noise I've been hearing. They said that they would have to tear it down to find out exactly what needs to be replaced and that it would cost a couple hours of labor. Now...